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A complete set of Federal Greens policies are available from the Australian Greens website, and our NSW Greens policies are available on the NSW Greens website.

Fairfield Liverpool Greens have a draft local government policy for our area that supplements the NSW Greens policy.

FL Greens draft local government policy


The environment is our life support system. We must recognise our responsibility to preserve and maintain the environment for a healthy and sustainable society. The Fairfield/Liverpool Greens will work to protect all plant and animal species, water and air quality to minimise the impact of population growth and human intervention. The Greens will recognise the special relationship of the Darug people when considering land and water issues.

1.1 Environment, flora and fauna:

  • Promote preservation of bush areas, especially those deemed to be remnant of Cumberland Plain Woodland
  • Encourage sustainable land use
  • Encourage protection of wildlife
  • Promote implementation of Council environmental regulations
  • Promote wide distribution of Council environment material
  • Encourage Councils to issue nets to orchardists and hobby farmers to save flying foxes and other threatened species

1.2 Water

  • Encourage installation of water-saving devices especially in new housing developments
  • Promote recycled water systems in housing and in municipal tap water
  • Minimise pollutants and nutrients in stormwater by pursuing water sensitive urban design and community education programmes

1.3 Built environment

  • Promote and encourage planting of native flora in roadside, commercial and housing developments and ban destruction of mature trees
  • Promote restrictions on further road widening
  • Encourage properly planned and constructed networks of footpaths and cycleways
  • Upgrade existing bus shelters and construct new shelters at the majority of stops to provide adequate amenity to encourage use of public transport
  • Promote environmentally-friendly housing structures and materials
  • Restrict proximity of new housing developments to bushland
  • Limit height to 7 storeys on all new buildings in Fairfield/Liverpool
  • Promote awareness of rebates for solar heating and water tanks
  • Promote plans for future waste management and energy rating policies (BASIX)

1.4 Waste Management:

  • Promote and encourage community education to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse waste
  • Encourage Councils to promote better community use of recycling facilities and programmes
  • Promote development of Container Deposit Legislation (CDL)
  • Promote development of tyre recycling facilities


The Fairfield/Liverpool Greens will work towards promoting a healthy, inclusive and safe community. In doing so, we encourage Councils to support and recognise the contribution of volunteer organisations and community groups.

2.1 Children and youth:

  • Improve and expand childcare facilities and services
  • Require major commercial developments to provide childhood and parenting facilities
  • Encourage Councils to promote increase of community-run playgroups
  • Encourage the establishment of more youth organizations
  • Support existing and new organizations and programmes

2.2 Seniors:

  • Encourage Councils to develop and maintain a mature aged employment policy
  • Investigate community transport facilities specifically for senior citizens
  • Ensure that a range of housing options is available to seniors

2.3 Health:

  • Wherever possible, encourage Councils to improve public health facilities and services
  • Encourage Councils to adopt GE-free products in Council-provided services
  • Encourage Councils to provide emergency shelter facilities for homeless and victims of crime
  • Actively work with all stakeholders to address serious health areas that have been traditionally under-serviced, such as problems caused by substance and behavioural addictions

2.4 Housing :

  • Encourage Councils to make provision for public and affordable housing
  • Promote the rights of people in relocatable home sites
  • Promote policies to retain relocatable home sites in present areas

2.5 Transport :

  • Promote expansion of local bus services, including free services provided by Council
  • Encourage the use of low- or zero-emission public transport options (e.g. Tindo-style buses)
  • Lobby for additional government bus services throughout Fairfield/Liverpool
  • Promote a mini dial-a-bus service to link areas not served by current bus services
  • ‘Fair T-way fares’: lobby for Fairfield/Liverpool T-way bus users to enjoy affordable transport options to connect with heavy rail commuting
  • Lobby the State government for the upgrade of the CityRail network in the Fairfield/Liverpool LGA, and the restoration of services cut from the Cumberland and South lines
  • Continue to consult with State and Federal Governments regarding steps to limit the community impact to be caused by the introduction of the dedicated Southern Sydney Freight Line

2.6 Community facilities:

  • Focus resources on provision of quality social amenities
  • Maintain and enhance libraries and community facilities
  • Improve accessibility of public buildings
  • Ensure adequate maintenance of community facilities
  • Promote and adequately maintain swimming baths and playing fields
  • Provide drought-proofing measures for parks and playing fields, including low-maintenance turf and rainwater capture and storage for irrigation
  • Investigate the use of solar-power as an alternative or supplement to electricity use on all Council-operated facilities, including parks, reserves and playing fields


The Fairfield/Liverpool Greens will work for equitable economic decisions that contribute to the social and environmental wellbeing of Fairfield/Liverpool.

3.1 Business:

  • Promote and encourage local production of goods and services while using resources sparingly and avoiding waste
  • Promote green economic practices by encouraging businesses to employ renewable energy sources and discourage the use of non-renewable fossil fuels
  • Encourage business and industries to use products that can be reused and recycled
  • Provide incentives for major employers to set-up operations in Fairfield/Liverpool
  • Promote and encourage businesses that build quality products with a significant proportion of recyclable components

3.2 Employment:

  • Encourage growth of local employment and small business
  • Promote the development of access to skills acquisition projects, and look for ways that Councils can contribute to or initiate these schemes
  • Facilitate the development of “green-collar” jobs, especially for those who are usually considered "hard to employ" (e.g., at-risk youth and people who are underemployed, low-income, or formerly-incarcerated).

3.3 Population sustainability, housing and building codes:

  • Establish population carrying capacity parameters for Fairfield/Liverpool and consult the community on long-term strategies and goals for Fairfield/Liverpool
  • Encourage development proposals for public affordable housing
  • Encourage development proposals for community housing (co-housing) and eco villages
  • Council building codes should make adequate provision for disabled access including the visually-impaired
  • Council building codes should specify the most advanced energy, waste and water-efficient fittings including solar electricity, heating and light, use of recycled and grey water, dual flush toilets and water-saving shower fittings and should seek alternatives to air conditioning

3.4 Developments:

  • Maintain public land for public use
  • Match development to existing infrastructure
  • Refer to Greens policies on the built environment

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