We're young and growing in this area, but we currently can't muster the same amount of volunteer help as our political opponents in the major parties, and we'd love to have more spirited Greens supporters come out with us on the election trail and on election days.

If you think you'd like to help us in any way (campaign stalls, delivering leaflets, staffing polling booths, etc.) you can find out more by contacting us at or by attending a meeting.


To assist with the expense involved in organising and co-ordinating The Greens election campaigns, those who have the financial resources available are encouraged to support our group by making a donation. Donations to The Greens of up to $1,500 are tax deductible.

The Greens believe it is in the best interest of our democratic system of government to ensure that all political parties make an open and transparent declaration of the source of all donations they receive. Find out more from our donations campaign website democracy4sale.

For a list of political donations to The Greens NSW and to find out more, follow this link to the NSW Greens Donations and Continuous Disclosure page.

Due to new legislation in NSW, you must be an individual on the electoral roll (state, federal or local) to make political donations which must not exceed $2,000pa to a candidate or $5,000pa to a political party. The Fairfield/Liverpool Greens only accept donations from individuals and will disclose donations of $250 or more on the NSW Greens website.

Anonymous donations, donations from companies or other entities, or which do not conform to all legal requirements will be returned to the payer and disclosed.

We use PayPal to securely process donations.

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Fairfield Liverpool Greens encourage participation at the grassroots level. We welcome visitors to our monthly meetings, but request that you contact our Secretary on 0412 920 057 to register your attendance and confirm . Learn more...