Sydney second airport - no to Badgerys Creek

The Greens believe the current Sydney airport debate is a once-only chance to get things right for the city’s future.

“We would like to see Sydney’s airport relocated outside the Sydney air basin,” Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has stated.

“This is an opportunity to do the right consultation and the right planning to ensure that our major city is serviced in the best possible way for the future.

“The Greens believe that any new airport needs to sit outside the immediate Sydney air basin to minimise noise and environmental damage, but needs to be accessible for users and provide valuable jobs for local residents,” Senator Rhiannon said. The local Greens group agrees that careful planning is needed, but also that Badgerys Creek should be off the table.

“It’s not a case of ‘not-in-my-backyard’, but a case of not in anybody’s backyard” according to Fairfield/Liverpool Greens spokesperson, Signe Westerberg. “Sydney requires a world class airport, but it should be carefully located where it will have the most advantage. Badgerys Creek has so many negatives as a site that it simply shouldn’t be entertained.

“The Greens don’t believe that it’s a simple question of finding somewhere to put it that’s politically popular. There are areas where it could be practical and where communities are crying out for the employment it would bring” Ms Westerberg said. “This time we need to put partisan politics well to the side and make sure we do it the best way that guarantees the future of our city in tourism, general aviation and jobs. We don’t want our next generation to be yet again saying ‘if only’”

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