Our group

We are an affiliated Greens group, and our coverage encompasses the Local Government areas of Fairfield and Liverpool.

Our membership comes from all walks - young academics, professionals, small-business owners, teachers, retirees, public-sector employees, private sector employees - we have it all!

There are many challenges for people in southwest Sydney. Ours is an area that we feel has been largely taken for granted by the major parties - while they love your votes, they don't seem to want to work too hard for it. The Greens are the champions of the underdog, and while we might not garner the votes of our opponents, we will always fight for a just cause when many others won't.

Our Executive team

We have just held elections for our Executive positions, and the office-holders for 2015/16 are:

  • Convenor - Signe Westerberg
  • Secretary - Andre Bosch
  • Treasurer - Bill Cashman
  • Membership Officer - Jared Price
  • Who are the Greens?

    The Australian Greens are part of a worldwide green politics movement, sharing common ideals or pillars of values. These four pillars are what distinguishes us from our political competitors.

    Social Justice

    The key to social justice is the equitable distribution of social and natural resources to ensure that all people have full opportunities for personal and social development. There can be no social justice without environmental justice, and vice versa.

    Ecological Sustainability

    We acknowledge that human beings are interdependent with the natural world and we respect all forms of life. We must preserve biodiversity and the integrity and resilience of life supporting ecosystems. We can learn a great deal from the way indigenous peoples of the world respect and nurture the land.

    Grassroots Democracy

    We work towards a democracy in which all people are able to directly participate in the decisions that affect their lives, so that power and responsibility are concentrated in local and regional communities.

    Peace and Non-violence

    We strive to achieve a culture of peace and cooperation between nation states, inside societies and between individuals, as the basis of global security. We believe that security should not depend on military strength but on cooperation, sound economics and social development, environmental safety and respect for human rights

    The sunflower

    The sunflower is a recognisable symbol of green politics throughout the world.

    It reflects our roots in environmental consciousness, and consists of the colours yellow and green, widely used in the symbols of ecologists. The sunflower itself turns towards the sun, our source of life and renewable energy.

    Your local Greens group


    Fairfield Liverpool Greens encourage participation at the grassroots level. We welcome visitors to our monthly meetings, but request that you contact our Secretary on 0412 920 057 to register your attendance and confirm . Learn more...